The Eagle and the Crescent (Il Grande Est)

What do Nahodka and Svetlogorsk, Ladoga and Mehri, St Petersburg and Makhachkala, Grozny and Istanbul, Moscow and Aleppo have in common?

GreatEastVibes is a travel blog about two apparently incompatible worlds: former Soviet Space and Middle East or the so called Islamic World. A tale of a great, (not just) wild East. Jamming from one to another, striving to leave nothing behind.

Next stops (coming soon): Moscow-Bosphorus-Dardanel; Istanbul-Cairo-Suez


Che diavolo hanno in comune Nahodka e Svetlogorsk, Ladoga e Mehri, Pietroburgo e Makhachkala, Grozny e Istanbul, Mosca e Aleppo?

GreatEastVibes è un blog di viaggio su due mondi apparentemente incompatibili: l’ex spazio sovietico e il Medio Oriente o la grande Umma – fino al selvaggio Est. Saltellando dall’uno all’altro, nella speranza di non lasciar nulla indietro.

Prossime fermate: Mosca-Bosforo-Dardanelli; Istanbul-Cairo-Suez


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