“Your request has been refused” (Cairo)

So the new is: our request for visiting Suez Canal and meeting/interviewing officials there has been rejected – even (almost) before submitting the requested documents for the application. Those words were loudly spoken to me at phone by an upset director of Cairo Press Center, after promising me in previous calls “No problem, no problem”. Weirdness of nowadays Egypt, waiting for its future (i.e. autumn elections, inshallah). Here we are, since jul 10: Cairo, mother of all world megaCities. Already got used to sweating 24h, Ramadan craziness, biblical noise, famous traffic jams not so bad considering it’s Ramdan, Nile’s lunapark. In the meanwhile, we’re exploring the most remote fringes of Monster-City. Ever heard of Haggena, Qebaa? If not, there’s a reason (pics here). And monitoring Tahrir: movements around Revolution’s square go on, although on a different scale and with different aims. Monday – tomorrow – we’ll head to Mubarak’s trial. By the way: coming from Turkey as we did, “the country controlled by generals”, you discover there’s no competition with current Egypt: army’s everywhere, watching the situation. Details, pics, videos and (fairy) tales later.


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