Russia for all

Russia for russians? No, thanks. Better a “Russia for all” (Россия для всех): it’s the title of an exhibition and long-term project by artists Dmitri Gutov and Viktor Bondarenko, kicked off nov 2 at Multimedia Art Museum in Moscow. Interesting, in times of Russian Marches when national pride is used to attract votes or supporters… anachronistic? Bound to fail? Here is the web page of the project, with a lot of materials, meetings and so on. And here’s the presentation video (not so original to be honest, but remembering a couple of basic facts about russian identity and history, such as poet Pushkin being half african-arab, and so on – what would Russia be without all this ethnically mixed national Glories?):

Strange coincidence: just today (tonight) in Moscow,  the University for People’s friendship Patrice Lumumba (famous from soviet times for hosting a big number of students from foreign “friend” countries, i.e. communists – yes, it’s still there, down in south Moscow and still full of non-russian youth)  is celebrating its “Day of Tolerance” (Den Tolerantnosti). Let’s give a look…


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